Over the years I have experienced many child care settings and of all of them I would recommend Forest Kids far and away the best of all of them. The ladies are completely professional and I trust them absolutely to look after my children’s safety and well being but, more than that, I know they will look after my children emotionally and developmentally. It’s obvious that they put a huge amount of thought into how to keep the children amused and challenged, constantly providing a wide range of activities (both physical and mental) that the children really enjoy while also having periodic group activities such as themed crafts or meals, visits to the park when the weather’s nice and even limbo competitions and a paddling pool, which help the large group of differently aged children gel together as a family. Additionally, Helen and Natasha have high standards of behaviour expectations which they enforce with patience and kindness creating a secure environment for all the children. I have gotten to know both Helen and Natasha’s children well over the years and find them to be articulate and respectful, and children that they can be proud of, and much of that philosophy is evident in Forest Kids which makes it a place I am happy to leave my children.