Messy Play

Activities are suitable for ages 10 months – 4 years. The sessions are run weekly and includes; crafts table, playdough modelling, painting, tactile and sensory play. The sessions are based on child-led play principle.

Opening Times

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month:

Messy play: 10.00am 12.00pm

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What is Messy Play?


Provides a wide variety of creative activities tailored to different age groups.


We paint on upright or on the floor, using tools such as; brushes, rollers, scrapers, and stamps.


Allows children to learn about size, shape, texture and length. We use variety of materials and encourage children to touch them, to manipulate them, and explore them by stretching, pulling, squishing and squeezing. Tactile play is also beneficial in helping to develop sensory vocabulary, the words to describe how objects feel ex: squishy, soft, slimey, gooey…

Each week they play with grains such as rice, lentils, small peas, cereal and it is a real hit with children!

Tactile activities change weekly – watch out for JELLY PLAY, FOAM PLAY, FLOUR AND WATER – CORNFLOUR DOUGH, ICE and many more…


With home made playdough in vibrant colours and variety of rollers, cutters, playdough guns and more..

We offer hot drinks and a variety of snacks to buy.